What is an EDI Ally?

It is someone who understands that none of us should be singled out or marginalised for not being an accurate reflection of the experiences of the majority of us.

It is someone who understands that different is not scary, or evil, or unworthy; that alternative perspectives, experiences and ways of thinking and experiencing the world can bring value and richness to the table.

It is someone that is willing to do the work of meeting others out in the space where we have to take time to actively listen, to question our own biases when feeling challenged, and be willing to share space with people who we are not used to sharing space with. Noticing who ISN’T in our workplaces with us, probably should be, and wondering what barriers are in place that are causing this.

Allies are folks who actively support individuals and communities experiencing multiple forms of oppression; they share and give up their power to help make changes in the lives of the disempowered. However, it is important to note: an ally-centred person dependant on time, place and their location can also experience disempowerment.

What is intersectionality? All of who I am

This website started to support a small network within the Faculty of Science, Medicine, and Health at the University of Wollongong (UOW). It was an informal group of staff and students interested in learning how to improve their ally-ship and knowledge of EDI issues.

It does not claim to be definitive or the authoritative voice on or for any group of people or organisation. Instead, the goal is to support the self-education of people interested in working on being better allies from an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion perspective.